Monday, September 7, 2009


Gallup is amazing. Well. for me it is. when i visit my cousins. This time, this guy jesse was there. he was such a flirt. Celeste and his sister Shayna warned me about him. teeheee. On the day i left, i gave him a hug and he was all ." Wow. I so didn't expect you to hug me. " pretty funny. Anyway. It was an awesome 1 day trip. We went for the wedding witch was beautiful. All the cousin left in the tuck to go get juice, but we couldn't find the righh kinda at any store. finally we did!! It was freaking hilarious because me and celeste are running around walmart in our fancy dresses and shaya finally finds the juice she yell "YOU GUYS ITS OVER HERE!!!!' And we take the last of the peach orchard punch, all 11 cartons of. anyway, fun times.

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