Monday, September 28, 2009

wonderful day.

well it was pretty much wonderful. except my heart hurts for my fiends. two of my closest friends have a parent in the hospital. but i think the are doing better :) even though im really not religious, i pry for them.
I was helping out in my old 6th grade classroom, and my 6th grade teacher showed me a picture of her daughter
named Amelia
with all of her h a i r c l i p s !
its amazing!!
this little 5 year old is my frickin twin!!!!!
her name is amelia and she already wears hairclips like a decora girl!!! it made my day!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

i am in lovvee....

with this most amazing necklace...
isnt it just amazing?
its kinda scary cuz its open sicciors around your neck, NOT real siccors, but they are just fab. When i told my friends about it they were like "that so emo!!" and generaly, ya know, im all decora and colorful, but if i wasnt colorful, i swear i'd be gothic. ;))
- mily

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Decora Disappointment

My moms birthday is tomorrow! We are going to a Dim sung brunch. I'm not really sure what that is. =)
And tomorrow is my first time going to Odyssey Of The Mind. hehehehe. I dont really know what that is either. but i joined it! ^-^
Just to let you know, I'm a decora girl. ( ◕ its a style)
but on monday i think im going to take a break for a week. i think. all the barrettes make me really sweaty. lol. but i know people will be like "OMG WHERE ARE YOUR BARRETTES!!" and stuff like that. i'll probably get more attention for NOT wearing them then I do we I wear them. lol. not that i do it for attention.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Gallup is amazing. Well. for me it is. when i visit my cousins. This time, this guy jesse was there. he was such a flirt. Celeste and his sister Shayna warned me about him. teeheee. On the day i left, i gave him a hug and he was all ." Wow. I so didn't expect you to hug me. " pretty funny. Anyway. It was an awesome 1 day trip. We went for the wedding witch was beautiful. All the cousin left in the tuck to go get juice, but we couldn't find the righh kinda at any store. finally we did!! It was freaking hilarious because me and celeste are running around walmart in our fancy dresses and shaya finally finds the juice she yell "YOU GUYS ITS OVER HERE!!!!' And we take the last of the peach orchard punch, all 11 cartons of. anyway, fun times.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"when i think of all the time i wasted i could cry.." stranger by hillary duff

oh my golly gumdrops-first, welcome to my blog! tehe i hope you like it- now back to my golly gumdrops: i can not believe my friend carly! shes going out with this guy we used to like last year and by "we" used to like him I mean as soon as i told her I liked him, she started talking about how much she liked him. so anyway, i was really surprised to hear that and such. so it was a bit of an odd day. he also says he hates me now. i feel stupid enough about liking him when he never even talked to me ( except on myspace) and now im completely embarrassed that he s going out with my friend. so wow. it was quite the odd day.